Lela’s approach to health and beauty is comprehensive and integrative.

Lela believes in holistic beauty, which is the result of connecting all aspects of a woman’s being so that the facets of who she is reflect off of one another, creating a harmonious whole that is more attractive than each individual aspect.

Her approach to coaching is unique in that she believes all the answers to life’s questions are already within each one of us. They are there to discover, cultivate, and empower each and every woman to live with health, beauty, purpose, and a never-ending supply of love.

kristopher-allison-132447Speaking & Workshops

Lela speaks on the inherent role women have in the world, as well as a variety of topics relating to physical, intellectual, and spiritual nourishment.

She facilitates workshops for private events, corporate wellness programs, and women’s groups.

In addition, Lela loves to work with teenage girls who are transitioning into the world of womanhood, supporting them to understand their value, beauty, strength, and the confusion that comes along with it.

Contact Lela directly for prices and availability. She is also available for book signings and readings.

image_happy_bodyPrivate Coaching

As your coach, Lela guides and mentors you, providing ongoing support as you set goals and make sustainable changes. She will go at the pace that feels right for your unique path. Things like energy, weight, skin, sleep, and cravings are only the beginning of your journey. Through nourishing and connecting your body, mind, and soul, you will be able to explore a world of possibility. These three essential areas will allow you to live your life with purpose and meaning, embracing every step along the way with radiance and love.

Sessions are 50 minutes each and are available through Skype or Facetime. Lela will provide specific instructions for how to prepare for each session, what to expect, and a post-session plan of action that includes resources pertinent to topics discussed within each session.

Through a 30 minute consultation, you can meet Lela to discuss how having a coach might specifically help you in your personal path through womanhood.

“Lela’s knowledge of the human body, food, and nutrition is endless. She’s passionate about what she does, she’s a great listener, and she gets results. The simple and easy changes that Lela recommended had a profound impact on me and this new feeling of health and well-being soon spread to almost all aspects of my life.”


“Very professional and accommodating! She really worked in a step-by-step way that allowed me to fit the program into my busy life.”

– Johnathan

“My aim when I contacted Lela was to shed a few pounds, but in addition to meeting my weight loss goal, Lela’s program increased my energy and improved my sleep pattern. For a lifetime insomniac – this is no small thing!”