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 Shopping Through Womanhood

An Intuitive Approach to Health, Beauty, & Shoes

“I have nothing to wear,” says every woman, while staring at an overflowing wardrobe.
How can something so full feel so empty?

Written in Thailand while on a mission to heal herself, Lela discovers that the path of a woman is not as foreboding as she thought. Shopping Through Womanhood ventures into what it means to be a complete, beautiful, and perfect woman.

Through the analogy of a shopping trip, Lela takes you on a journey into the depths of your wardrobe where you will discover items you have never worn, realize ones you need, and let go of ones you don’t. Not only will she apply your knowledge of shoes to all facets of your life, but also give you a secret ingredient that ties every outfit into a beautiful ensemble that is fit for any occasion, and most importantly, for you.