The Prada of Dairy: 5 Reasons Why Kefir Kicks Yogurt’s Butt

It is believed in Ayurveda that in addition to satisfying all our tastes, texture also plays an important role in what we eat. Creamy texture is said to bring comfort. This is no surprise since most of us drank milk for the first year or so of our lives. But maybe milk products can play a larger role in our health than merely a creamy, comforting texture.

Yogurt is often used as an instant breakfast, easy snack, and an ‘on-the-go’ option. It is controversial whether milk products are healthy overall and there are many milk substitutes available, but I would argue that kefir is a level up from yogurt. I have had congestion from milk products since I was a child, however, not with kefir.

If milk products were to be compared to clothing, I would say kefir would be the Prada of dairy. Here is why…

5 Reasons to drink Kefir:

  1. It can actually colonize your intestinal tract. That means that the good stuff is there to stay and thrive, not just pass through for a visit or a holiday as the case with yogurt. Although yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, it doesn’t have colonization powers – no yeast. In addition to healthy bacteria, kefir has super-yeasts that fight against the bad-guy yeasts, keeping those pesky pathogens away.
  2. Kefir wins by numbers. It contains 2-3 times the amount of bacteria that yogurt contains. It also contains strains that combat candida.
  3. It’s easy. You can drink it and therefore it is an easier snack – no spoon necessary. Also, kefir is easier to digest than yogurt, and can significantly help in overall digestion by providing a mucus lining. Many health professionals believe it can actually reverse lactose intolerance.
  4. Protein. Low blood sugar wreaks havoc on our hormonal system. For women who suffer from any type of menstrual symptoms, such as moodiness and cramps, this is vitally important. Protein is the best macronutrient to combat low blood sugar and basically disintegrates sugar cravings. Since kefir has plenty of protein, it’s a healthy alternative to quick, sugary pick-me-ups.
  5. Creamy smoothies. Kefir is killer for using in fruit smoothies! The bacteria in kefir will help to digest the sugars from the fruit, leaving you with the nutritional benefits and without the blood sugar spike.


smoothie-856896_1280 2Mango Kefir Smoothie:

  • Plain, organic kefir (either from cow or goat milk)
  • Fresh or frozen mango
  • Cinnamon (about 1 teaspoon)
  • Raw honey to taste
  • Love

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