What is Success?

I was scrolling through Facebook, not exactly making the smartest choice with my time, and came upon a discussion concerning what success actually is. It got me thinking and I decided to define success according to my current understanding – one that has undoubtedly changed this year through my travels and esoteric studies.

Here is what I came up with…

Success: the label we ascribe to an amount of self-love that is relative to our current perception of self-worth, that is determinant upon our understanding and connection to our innate being and therefore, the universe.

That may seem a little convoluted or confusing, so let me explain…or at least try…

Success is a term or label, which is typically created by our ego. ‘Success’ is usually associated with achievement, material possessions, and things that are outside of ourselves; it is dependent on ‘things’ that we feel will validate our deservedness of love – things that give us permission to fully accept and love who we are. The thing is, do they? As far as I have seen, from my own experience as well as others, as soon as we achieve or obtain anything outside of ourselves, we just move on to the next ‘thing’ that will further define our state of success. We end up chasing success instead of living it.

This is why true success is actually a state of being, rather than a state of ‘having’ or ‘doing’. It is a state of being fully present, aware, and experiencing unconditional love towards ourselves and everyone around us. If we look at success in relationship to our soul instead of our ego, then success is an alignment with our true being. Our true being is one with everything and needs nothing; it is perfect. It is already united in universal love and therefore is unattached, unconditional, and absolute. True success, an ever-present state of being, is actually what will create the most rewarding life of all – one that attracts purpose, love, connection, meaning, and all the things that we are usually trying to obtain in this life. If we define success by being aligned and aware of who we are on the inside, our internal world, then perhaps our outside world will fall into place in a harmonious and magical way – a way we never thought possible.

So, this is my question for everyone (including me):

  1. Without my achievements, material possessions, and the titles I have obtained, am I still a success? How do I define my worth?
  2. Am I unconditionally full of love and happiness?
  3. When do I give myself permission to fully love myself?


I love you all and want to thank you for your inspiration – you inspire me to think, write, and share. If you have a question or topic you would like to hear about, email me or send a message on Facebook.

Also…my book is almost done – many words about love and happiness coming soon!



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