A Natural Cure for Mosquito Bites

arnicare_image.jpgI was sitting on a charming little patio, drinking a cold beverage while enjoying classical piano music, when along came a tiny flying demon to make my evening more exciting. This was no ordinary mosquito. She must have been the mother of Thai mosquitos because she gave me a bite that swelled up on my back like a small country, complete with a red rash. It looked like a planet with its own galaxy around it. Lovely. I went home and felt like I wanted to claw whatever poison she had injected me with out of my suffering skin. However, I was prepared enough to pack Arnicare Cream. Thank the mosquito bite Gods!

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that comes from a yellow flower. I’ve always had an affinity for yellow flowers – now I know why.

Arnica-HP-2-300x201This magical yellow flower is known to:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Ease muscle pain
  3. Aid in healing bruises
  4. Fight infection

To add to the list of miracles, it soothes mosquito bites. Only minutes ago did I rub this miracle remedy on my itching skin, and here I am itching to write a blog post instead of my back. It’s as though Ms. Queen Mosquito never bit me at all.

With summer almost here, I highly recommend carrying Arnicare Cream with you if you live in an area of mosquito infestation, or travel somewhere tropical – like Thailand. Another good homeopathic remedy to keep in your handbag, which I take in pill form, is Apis. I have used it for bee stings in the past. I don’t now why the bugs like me so much – the feeling isn’t mutual.



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