Getting My Feet Wet in Thailand



Waterfalls 8

Keen_1Every girl loves a new pair of shoes. It’s a fact. I had some mixed feelings about this pair though, and secretly hoped I wouldn’t have to wear them. If a Jesus sandal (the strappy brown leather ones that are fairly cute) and your grandmother’s orthopedic sneaker had a baby, this would be it. They look more like equipment than a pair of shoes. If you have seen the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, you might recall the scene where the emperor looks at one of the girls and says, “let me guess, you have a great personality.” I took one look at these and said, “let me guess, you are really comfortable.”

Some fantastic girls invited me to go on a waterfall hike, so I gave my new equipment a try. Thinking of them as an apparatus used for a particular job made it a little easier. I packed a mini backpack for my first official hike in Thailand.

These were the essentials:

  1. Apparatus (as previously described)
  2. Bug spray
  3. Straw hat
  4. Water bottle
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Double zip-locked bag containing phone and money
  7. Hope

Five of us piled into a red taxi, where we pretended there was no need for seat belts, since there were none. The back of a red taxi is completely open, much like a hospital gown. It’s only uncomfortable if you have to move around. In addition to being backless, they also drive at lunatic speeds, but only at random moments. It’s quite exciting…or something.

Sticky waterfalls 3
Sticky Waterfalls – Chiang Mai, Thailand

When we arrived, alive, we found ourselves in an absolute wonderland. The colors and sounds were indescribable and my feet were very happy. My new pair of shoes were breathable, water friendly, and slip free. They were very comfortable. Obviously.

Thailand makes excellent sticky rice with mango and coconut sauce, but also sticky waterfalls – both are incredible. Because these waterfalls flow on rocks that your feet can hold onto, you can actually walk up and down the falls, much like Spiderman. It’s a beautiful experience and we might just make another day trip there, complete with a picnic that includes mango and sticky rice.

My new shoes can take a rest tomorrow since I will be staying in town. Next week is Songkran, the Thailand New Year, where the entire country turns into an epic water fight for three whole days. I’m sure my new shoes will come into use. I don’t want to ruin my Jesus sandals.

Sticky Waterfalls 5
A magical playground for both children & adults at the Sticky Waterfalls – Chiang Mai, Thailand



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