Hobbit Tables and Deep Breaths

Have you ever planned your day with a clear vision of what you wanted to accomplish? A vision of productivity and success? That happened to me today. I had so much planned. I was going to get shit done like an adult.


My laundry is currently piled so high you would think I was trying to create some kind of world record. At this point I am curious to when it will actually fall over and Hurricane Lela will splatter across my room, leaving an obstacle course of items I forgot I had. I think I’ll just leave it until tomorrow. Book writing was also going to happen this morning. It’s now 4:15pm.

After dealing with traffic, habits of procrastination, and visiting two different coffee shops full of people pretending to work on their computers while actually checking their Instagram feed, I finally sat down at my third coffee shop. There was one seat open and I claimed it like that last pair of size seven shoes on clearance at Nordstrom Rack. Mine. It was nearly perfect…

frankie-38297.jpgNo wall plug and the sad excuse for a table in front of me that resembled a foot stool or something borrowed from Bilbo Baggins, left me awkwardly leaning forward to reach for my hot cup of goodness. I stared longingly at the pretty, five-dollar coffee while precariously balancing my iPad on one knee. The problem is that writing on an iPad is not easily done on your lap. That’s why it’s called an iPad and not a lapPad. I watched in envy as my handsome neighbor clicked away on his laptop. The feeling I had was similar to that moment when you walk through first class on an airplane and then pass the curtain into coach where nothing seems quite fair.

I glared at my hobbit table while trying not to drop my device, empathetic for what people must feel when they write during a storm on a ship at sea. It is like typing into a moving target. Haircutting has developed the dexterity of my hands and fingers quite a bit, but this was a whole new playing field.

redd-angelo-32872.jpgWhen I almost dropped my iPad on the cement floor, an unladylike word slipped out of my mouth while diving to save it. Mr. Handsome laptop man next to me started chuckling and his infectious laugh caught me by surprise. It definitely wasn’t his chocolate eyes. I relaxed, stopped, and looked up. I looked up at the beautiful shop I was in, the California sunshine streaming through the windows, the adorable dogs (Venice), and my overpriced bourgeois coffee sitting in front of me. And on my shirt. What?! So much for my BCBG tank. I didn’t care though. If this is a rough day, then I’m doing fine. I’ve had worse and there will be worse to come. There will also be better. Life is a spectrum of good, bad, ok, fine, TBD, and everything else in between. It’s a variety. It is full of different feelings, foods, clothes, people, weather, cultures, dogs (except in Venice – they are pretty much hobbit dogs like the table in front of me)…the point is, life is colorful and every moment of each day is different. Problems are opportunities to learn. If I had never been broke and jobless in NYC, I never would have gotten into hair and health coaching. Struggle is going to happen, whether it’s spilling coffee or literally surviving in this beautiful, crazy world.

Staying present and keeping a perspective is key.

It is also the hardest thing to do. Staying present with your co-workers, clients, and especially yourself is a lifelong process – one that starts with a simple breath each time. Breathing is the first thing we do when we enter this world. When a baby is born they don’t cry until they take their very first inhale. It’s instinctual and critical to life. As we grow up, and our To-Do lists grow longer, we sometimes forget that nothing can be accomplished without breath. It is vital.

An 8-minute video that will change your life.

Ever since my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Weil has been one of my health gurus. His 4-7-8 breathing technique is incredible. Enjoy!

After you watch this video, take a few breaths. The sooner you start, the sooner you make a habit of it.

And then do one more thing – congratulate yourself on completing something you have done today. I may have ruined a favorite top and not written what I had planned to, but I did remind myself to breath. I also checked one thing off my list. I bought a round trip flight for this weekend. It’s in coach. Maybe Mr. Handsome laptop will be seated next to me again. Either way, the tray table will easily balance my iPad.


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