Guacamole: a bowl full of berries

nibkggq-bvm-nur-afni-setiyaningrumPerhaps I am still inspired by super guacamole Sunday (AKA the Super Bowl). I normally use cilantro but sometimes you just have to use what is in your refrigerator. So, parsley it is. This dish is a timeless classic, loaded with healthy fats and ingredients that work synergistically to create the maximum nutrient absorption for your body.

Avocados are an alkaline, delicious food known to most Californians as a food group. They are paired with just about anything and often used quite successfully to up-sell meals at restaurants. They are particularly unique though, in that they are not only a fruit (what?!), but they are actually considered a single seed berry. Who would have thought? I just think of them as giant, fat berries – which isn’t far from the truth. Avocados are unique to many other fruits because instead of containing sugar, they are loaded with healthy fats and protein. That means they are great for your skin, hair, and brain function; we can never have enough help in all those areas, especially mid-week.

Avocados may easily be incorporated into your weekly diet in numerous ways. Here are a few of my favorites, using the recipe below:

  • As a high protein snack with veggies or corn chips
  • A spread on toast or a sandwich
  • Dolloped onto eggs in the morning for breakfast
  • Mixed into a salad with a little extra olive oil and lemon for a creamy vinaigrette
  • As bate to have friends come over and join you for a show (AKA Super Bowl or other “sports ball” type event…I’m just in it for the food and commercials)


  •  One medium to large avocado, pitted and mashed
  • Half palm size amount of fresh parsley or cilantro
  • One small scallion, chopped
  • Half a lemon, squeezed
  • Sea Salt & cayenne pepper to taste


Mix in a bowl and serve. I only use one  avocado for myself, but if serving others, then double or triple the recipe. The lemon and herbs are especially helpful in increasing your body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients due to the vitamin C. Also, I prefer cayenne pepper rather than black pepper due to its added health benefits of blood circulation, anti-fungal properties, aid in digestion, and metabolism boost…but don’t go overboard! Good things usually come in small packages.


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